Tom Cat Bakery

Tom Cat Bakery

Tom Cat Bakery makes authentic French, Italian and specialty artisan bread 24 hours a day. Tom Cat got its start in a garage in 1987, and now has a whole city block under the 59th Street Bridge in Long Island City.  Many New Yorkers recognize Tom Cat’s delicious baked goods by name, or by their distinctive logo.  Tom Cat’s bread is on the tables at New York’s four star restaurants and its most famous hotels and is also used at leading sandwich chains and sold at some of the tri-state area’s premier retailers.

Some of Tom Cat’s starters (also known as preferments) have been cultured for over 20 years.  They start with pure ingredients to achieve their rich, authentic flavors and let the dough rest during a traditional two-stage fermentation process crucial to developing the bread’s depth of flavor, light interiors, and beautifully textured crusts.  Tom Cat does not use preservatives, fillers, stabilizers, chemicals, additives, or any other junk that you often find in commercial breads.  All of Tom Cat’s ingredients are pronounceable and the results are fantastic. 

Royal Bakers Distributing is Tom Cat’s logistics partner, delivering their breads to some hard to reach locations in the tri-state area.

Many items from this bakery are available for retail also!