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Feb 12, 2014

Maybe it's a just a recent trend or simply a passion unearthed, maybe even a concern about the quality of our pre-packaged food industry, but today’s society and culinary worlds are more aware, critical, and constantly yearn for quality food products.  More and more we see a pattern of "organic" and "local" foods being used and desired, and there's no wonder why: it tastes fresh!  And using these fresh-tasting ingredients only enhances the flavor of any meal, including one of the most American of meals:

The Burger.  

                Chefs, cooks and operators spend years developing and perfecting their concepts of the "Perfect Burger."  Creations include a very specific mix of custom blends with local butchers or preferred vendors, and have to take into consideration fresh vs. frozen meat, protein: fat ratios, density/texture of the grind, flavor development, component combos, cooking methods and techniques, yield testing of raw vs. cooked weight, the diameter, weight and height of the meat, and countless other deliberations.

                After the meat of the meal has been carefully chosen, they consider bun selection; using an inferior bun can ruin all that hard work .  It is the #2 factor determining if a burger is quality and satisfies the customers burger experience. reveals many different opinions and tastes regarding the perfect bun for the "perfect burger."  Some like a plain white bun and don't mind any sogginess or drip, some like a potato bun to give their burger a little added flavor and texture, some even prefer unusual choices such as sourdough or a kaiser!

                No matter what flavor of bread you use, you ultimately need to ask yourself the following:  does your bun match your burger dimensions and fit on your plate?  Can it support the weight of protein and components?  Does it fall apart as the customer uses infinite additional napkins?  Is it toasted, baked or steamed at service?  Is your burger in the perfect cradle?  Does it exceed your customers expectation & satisfaction?  Once you've got these answered, then you can start to think about the type of bread.  At Royal Bakers Distributing, we offer an abundance of over 240 burger bun options, most of which are freshly baked each day!  Just to get you started, here are only a few of our selections:

Pretzel Roll 4.5” , Pretzel Burger 4” , Kaiser 4” , Brioche 4.5 “ , Plain 4.5”  , 

Sourdough Large 5” , Brioche Sesame , Slider Potato , Potato Seeded ,   

Ciabatta , Brioche Seeded , Brioche Medium , Hamburger Plain  

                And if you need any further assistance in making the best choice for your burger, our Customer Service Team and Corporate Chef can assist you to match the optimum bread for your perfect Burgers;    We've got height, diameter, weight, density, seeded, unseeded, white, wheat, artisan or commercial production, packaged, Kosher, semolina, sourdough, ciabatta, potato, brioche, pretzel, kaiser, white, wheat, soft, slider and appetizer sizes, crusty and fresh options in our inventory.  We have your Perfect Burger covered!

                 Royal Bakers distributes good/better/best products to fit your food cost projections, recipe specifications and service concepts.  Please browse our website for your considerations. 

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