Royal Bakers has your Traditional Irish Fare Covered


Posted On: June 17, 2014
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Mar 10, 2014

For Breakfast:

Soften some butter for your (green) Bagels or spread some jam on your Irish Soda Scones

For Corned Beef Sandwiches:


Dark Rye Batard baked with Chocolate Stout

Ale Rounds, large & small, baked with Six Point Ale

 Potato Onion and Pumpernickel Heroes

Irish Soda Breads

For Dessert:

Assorted Holiday Cookies

 Holiday Donuts

What to do with those leftovers:

Pulverize your dry St. Patty’s leftover bread in a food processor.

Add chopped dill, soft butter, honey mustard, and horseradish.

Use to crust your: Irish Salmon Filet, Rack of Lamb, or Beef Tenderloin.